Photonic Therapy helps with Equine Cushing’s Disease

There are various treatment regimes used for Equine Cushing’s Disease; many are ineffective and some are expensive and long-term.   Horse owners may be put off by the time and expense that is required of certain treatments but there is one regime that is having some success in treating the symptoms of Cushing’s.   Photonic Therapy is a revolutionary form of treatment; it is easy to administer, is relatively inexpensive and gets results fast. [Read more…]

Treat and Protect your Dog from Parvovirus

Parvovirus is a horrible disease which has the potential to be fatal.  It is highly infectious and typically affects puppies. [Read more…]

Is my dog at risk of Canine Distemper?

Canine distemper is a potentially fatal viral illness.   If your adult dog has distemper there is a 50% chance that it will be fatal and that chance increases to 80% in puppies. [Read more…]

Kennel Cough Home Remedy

Are you looking for a simple home treatment when your dog has kennel cough? 

No dog owner wants to see a beloved pet unwell or uncomfortable.  Kennel cough is usually a nuisance rather than a worry.  However, puppies and older dogs with kennel cough can be at risk of secondary infections which may lead to something more serious.  [Read more…]

Alternative Treatment for Kidney Problems in Dogs

Did you know that after arthritis, renal failure is the mostly likely cause of illness in older dogs?  When your dog has kidney disease, it is distressing to watch your faithful old companion suffering and many pet owners look for answers and ways to alleviate that suffering.

There is an alternative treatment, called Photonic Therapy, developed by a veterinary surgeon in Australia, that has helped many pets and their owners deal with the horrible effects of kidney disease.  [Read more…]

Find out how to give your Dog Relief from Arthritis Pain

When your dog has been your faithful companion for many years and has arthritis in his old age, chances are you are watching him hobbling around and wishing you could do something to ease the pain.

Well you can.   There is a safe, effective and painless treatment available for your dog.  [Read more…]

Find Out How Photonic Therapy Can Help Your Pet Bird

Photonic Therapy has been used to successfully treat a number of conditions in birds.   It can provide temporary relief from pain and treat common viral complaints as well as respiratory and wing problems. [Read more…]