Photonic Therapy helps with Equine Cushing’s Disease

There are various treatment regimes used for Equine Cushing’s Disease; many are ineffective and some are expensive and long-term.   Horse owners may be put off by the time and expense that is required of certain treatments but there is one regime that is having some success in treating the symptoms of Cushing’s.   Photonic Therapy is a revolutionary form of treatment; it is easy to administer, is relatively inexpensive and gets results fast.

It is only recently that Cushing’s Disease has been recognized as a condition that affects horses.  Previously Cushing’s was considered to affect mainly dogs and humans. 

Equine Cushing’s Disease is more likely in older horses and the symptoms are often mistaken for a general decline as the horse ages.

As a result of greater recognition, the condition is more commonly diagnosed.   With this recognition has come debate and trials on how to treat horses with the condition. 

Symptoms of Cushing’s Disease

The most common visible signs of Equine Cushing’s are not shedding the winter hair-coat in warmer months and excess fat deposited along the neck crest or tail butt.    This may make your horse look a bit ‘shabby’ and appear to age very quickly.   You may also notice that the horse’s gait changes and the ride becomes rougher.

Other symptoms can include increased thirst, appetite and lethargy, excessive sweating and urination and increased susceptibility to infection.  Mares with Cushing’s may become infertile.

What is Photonic Therapy and How will it Help

Photonic therapy is the application of red light at specific acupuncture points.  No needles are used. 

Applying the red light at the acupuncture points causes signals to be released in the nervous system which support healing.  There is a scientific reason for this and you can learn more and see how the therapy has helped others here.  In lay terms, in addition to fast healing, the release of neurochemicals also promotes feelings of well-being and a reduction of pain.  

When you use photonic therapy for Cushing’s Disease you should see a result within three weeks, and often within days you will start to see  positive effects.

Photonic therapy is non-invasive, causes no pain or side effects and best of all it can be delivered by you, at home.   

The red light is generated from a  ‘torch’ that you can purchase, keep at home and use to treat the horse yourself whenever necessary.  The torch kit  includes clear instructions and diagrams of which acupuncture points to use and where they are located on the animal’s body.     

To find out more about photonic therapy and its application, and how you can purchase a torch go here.

What Conditions does Photonic Therapy treat?

In addition to Cushing’s Disease, the therapy can also effectively treat various other equine conditions such as sacroiliac injury, ulcers, colic, and tetanus and wound healing, as well as common conditions in dogs, cats and birds.  It has even been successfully used on humans.

For a full list of conditions that photonic therapy can treat go here.