Find Out How Photonic Therapy Is Revolutionizing Treatment of Animals

Are you struggling to find a treatment for your horse, dog or cat that actually works?  Are you finding it hard to watch your animal suffering unnecessarily, or experiencing unwanted side effects from conventional drug treatments?  Then you need to read how an Australian vet is changing the way people think about treating their animals with Photonic Therapy.

The Chinese have used acupuncture for centuries to treat common conditions in humans.  Photonic Therapy has it’s origins in acupuncture but rather than stimulating acupuncture points with needles, a special red light is used. This means the treatment is non-invasive and pain free.

But that doesn’t mean it is not scientific. Photonic Therapy has been tested and perfected over more than twenty years.

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How Does Photonic Therapy Work?

Red light applied to the skin at very specific points has been found to stimulate the autonomic nervous system as well as the spinal nerve transmission.  The produced results include pain relief, increased immune response and improved healing.

The results have been absolutely amazing and it is treatment that you can administer yourself, in your own home.

We know from experience that it works. Remember that animals such as horses and dogs don’t suffer the placebo effect.  They don’t know that they are being treated.  The visible and sometimes immediate benefits of Photonic Therapy cannot be suggested to the animal.

So why does a horse that has been favouring a leg due to laminitis place weight on the affected leg immediately after being treated with photonic therapy?  What if this happens regularly?  It’s got to be working right?

Successfully Treat a Variety of Conditions

Photonic Therapy can be used to treat a number of conditions in horses, including arthritis, stomach ulcers, Cushing’s disease, sacroiliac injury, exercise induced pulmonary bleeding, wound healing, laminitis and navicular disease (to name a few). The list is endless. Best of all it can be used for pain relief, allowing the animal to be more comfortable.

Photonic Therapy has also been found to successfully treat many conditions in dogs, cats and birds including hepatitis, distemper, kidney disease, kennel cough, Cushing’s disease, Parvo virus, pancreatitis and Lyme disease, as well as various conditions associated with fertility and breeding.

Some years ago, a horse owner in Australia who was amazed at the results he was getting with Photonic Therapy decided to try it on himself. It worked.  So this treatment can even be used on people too.

You can order a Photonic Therapy kit and see the amazing results yourself. You can administer the treatment yourself so no travel required and no additional veterinary bills. And best of all, there is no pain to your animal associated with the treatment.

Where Can I Get a Photonic Therapy Kit?

You can get your kit from us.  When you order a kit from us, we look after the sales and distribution of your kit to make sure everything arrives to your preferred delivery address when you expect it to.  We have helped people from all over the world to assist their horses, dogs and cats with these kits.  Let me explain what you get…

Each kit includes a red light ‘torch’ and an information pack that explains exactly how to treat your animal – depending on whether you have a dog kit or a horse kit.  The information is provided on a memory stick, so that you can save it to your computer and print out the relevant treatment pages.  This makes it easy when you’re heading to the stables to treat your horse, for example.  Just print the relevant pages and away you go.

What Does it Cost?

When you call the vet to treat your horse what does it cost?  If you take your dog to the vet what does that cost you?  If you go many times, the costs can really mount up quickly.
What if you could treat your animal in the early stages yourself?  How much would that save you?  After initial treatment you might notice signs of recovery and can avoid the vet bills altogether.

For the cost of one or two vet visits, you could have your own kit.

more information about photonic therapy products